Movement heals the mind, body and soul.

No matter what modality of movement is your choice, the value of understanding how your body moves and feels is without measure. We all want to feel good, relieve our pains and discomforts and heal from our injuries. As well, we also desire to find that balance between physical and mental well-being to help compete against the stress of our daily lives. Practicing Pilates will help you find that balance, so you can do more of what you love better, for longer and get even more out of it.

I strive to provide a complete experience in each session by helping you obtain a deeper understanding of your own body and how it’s meant to move. My goal is to share my experience and knowledge with people who are passionate about their own health and healing; to help you cultivate a true connection of the mind, body and soul through a solid foundation of movement.

I offer personalized private in-studio, in-home or online classes as well as
in-studio group classes for all bodies.


I have been a passionate student of the Pilates method for several years. Initially it was an injury that led to me to find classical Pilates but it was the strength and body awareness I found that has kept me continuing to do the work.

Having already obtained my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training certification and 50hr Aerial certification in 2017, I had an itch to dive deeper. I completed my journey through the training program at the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado in February 2021. I have also been certified as a TRX instructor (2019), Core Confidence Specialist (2020) and Yin Aerial instructor (2021). Guided by my natural desire to continually learn, I have been a part of a classical Pilates mentorship program for the past year. I also regularly attend workshops and additional trainings to build my education and support my clients the best that I can.

I am excited to share my passion for the work with all my clients, current and future.

Bookings and Information


To inquire about or book a private session, please email Tracy at

Private In-Studio Session – 55 minute personalized private one on one or duo sessions in studio with the use of a wide range of classical equipment.

Private Online Session – 55 minute personalized one on one session over zoom if you are unable to attend in-person studio lessons.

Private In-Home Studio Session – 55 minute personalized one on one session in the privacy and comfort of your own home studio or space.
(Additional travel charges may apply)

Private Yoga Sessions (In-Studio or on location)- 55 minute personalized Yoga class (one on one or group classes), tailored to meet your needs and goals as you grow your Yoga practice.

$70 per session, paid in advance of booking.
$80 per session for duo, paid in advance of booking.
*Please be considerate of our 24 hour cancellation policy. If you need to re-book or cancel your session, please email or text to reschedule 24 hours in advance.


*Offered through Reflexions Yoga Studio and School to book please visit

Group Mat Pilates class – Tuesday at 9am and Friday at 10:30am. A 55 minute beginner class designed to increase body awareness and find deeper connections through the fundamental movements of Pilates. We will work to develop basic movement skills, progressing through the mat series at a slower pace and with the use of some small props.

Group Pilates Fusion classes – Monday mornings at 10:30am. 60 minute warm (infared heated) flow class designed with a fusion of Pilates for strength and stability and Yoga for mobility and flexibility. Tuesday evenings at 4:30pm. 60 minute warm Foam Roller class that brings some work to your body from Pilates and then a release of your muscles and fascia with a foam roller.

Group Yoga classes – Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30am. 60 minute hot (infrared heated) flow classes designed to increase alignment, strength and mobility with some challenges added to play with movement in your body.

Group Restorative Aerial class – (check schedule for dates). A 90 minute Yin inspired class with a low to the ground hammock setting to gently support the body into deep restorative poses to increase flexibility and release tension.


* All private sessions are 55 minutes in duration to allow for proper cleaning of equipment. Government standard cleaning products will be used to clean all equipment/props at end of class. We ask that the students wipe down the equipment they have used at the end of each session please.

*Personal belongings and shoes are to be stored in the lobby during your workout time. Please put cell phones to silent and leave them with your belongings.

*Please bring your own water, hair ties (and yoga mats for group classes).

*Please arrive at the studio in comfortable clothing that allows you to move (preferably nothing too baggy) and bare feet or Pilates socks (socks with sticky grips on the bottom), no shoes inside the studio please! For Aerial classes please wear shirts with short or long sleeves, no tank tops please.

*If you are feeling unwell, please stay home. If you have a private lesson booked, please email or text to alert me that you will be unable to attend your appointment and we can reschedule for another date.

Thank you!

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